How Does The Process Work?

  1. Subscribe on our website!
  2. After confirming your subscription, RecycleNash will deliver the recycling bin during the next service.
  3. Store the bin in your house or garage and collect recyclable glass till pick-up.
  4. On the day of pick-up, place bin near the doorstep, garage door, or mailbox by 6:00 am CST.
  5. RecycleNash will then empty the bin by hand into the vehicle and leave the empty bin.
  6. If there are any items remaining the bin, please dispose them in the trash as they are either not recyclable or broken. 
  7. If you have any eyeglasses or sunglasses for donation, please place them in a plastic bag inside the bin.

What Items Are Accepted?

  • Beverage, food bottles and jars
  • All colors (green/blue/brown/clear)

What Items Are NOT Accepted?

  • ​Mirror glass
  • Light bulbs
  • Glass vases, plates, bowls and drinking cups
  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Window glass
  • Ceramic 
  • Crystal

When Is Pick-Up?

  • Pick-up is usually the weekend surrounding the second Saturday of every month unless it is a holiday weekend, in which case pickup will be postponed 1 week. Largely dependent on driver's schedule as they are not full-time employees with us. Email notifications will be sent out each month a few days in advance as a reminder.

How Big Are Our Bins?​

We offer our customers a 17.5 gallon bin. 

What If I Forget To Put My Bin Out?

  • Contact us as soon as possible and we will try to reschedule your pick-up.

 What If There Is Inclement Weather?

  • RecycleNash will send out an email notification if unable to pick-up the bins that day due to weather
  • A rescheduled date will be provided.
  • Please DO NOT leave your bin outside during the rain as we will not pick-up bins with water in them. 

How Does Payment Work?

  • RecycleNash offers two subscription options to pick up your glass recyclables once a month.  Just click the subscribe button on the 'Sign Up Here' page to get started. This sets up an automatic payment plan via Paypal. ​
  • If you forget to renew your subscription RecycleNash will send you two email reminders after which you will be removed from the pick-up route.  We will then contact you to pick up your bin.​

Is There A Setup Charge?

  • Yes, there is a one-time, $10.00 setup charge per bin.